NanakShabadNANAK // Some call him Guru Nanak, others call him Baba Nanak, Satguru Nanak or Guru Nanak Dev. But I choose to call him just ‘Nanak’ because Nanak itself is higher than any other words attached to it – and because I consider Nanak as very personal to me and is far more spiritually beautiful to call him by just one name – Nanak. It connects me even deeper to his soul when I meditate on just the name NANAK. The vibration of the word alone sends currents through my being .. NANAK. NANAK. NANAK.

Regardless of what we may choose to call him, he is not reduced or amplified by what we take away or add to his name. What matters is how much we adhere to his WORD as enshrined in Shabad Guru – Guru Granth Sahib.

Nanak was beyond ritualism of any kind – even by name, and to enforce how we call him is to go against his very teachings – to focus on the essence and not on the entity.


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