Sikhi inspires, never intimidates


When Sant Baba Isher Singh Rara Sahib first came to Africa to carry out Kirtan Updesh upon the request of the Sangat that lived in Kenya, attendance would swell into the thousands. On his last day there, an Amrit Sanchar was organised in which he himself also participated as part of the Panj Pyare. Many Sikhs committed themselves in getting initiated into the Khalsa Panth at the Amrit Sanchar.

Wherever Baba Isher Singh performed Kirtan, there were mass gathering of Sangat that came from across East Africa, which concerned the Kenyan Government, perhaps fearing that this Saint from Punjab was trying to evoke a revolution within Kenya. The Government entrusted Sardar Harbhajan Singh who at that time was working in the police force, to investigate and find out what it was that Baba Isher Singh was preaching in these religious gatherings.

Harbhajan Singh heeded his national mandate, and made his attendances where Gurbani was being recited and Sangat in full attendance, immersed in the discourse of it. As he listened over the days, he was so overcome by the power of Gurbani Keertan and Katha by Baba Isher Singh, he also decided to dedicated himself to Sikhi and get initiated into the Khalsa order – and realising that the fears of the Kenyan government were unfounded and returned to advice them accordingly, himself a renewed spirit at the end of it all.

Sant Baba Isher Singh was a reknowned Sikh saint of his time, who helped enjoin thousands of Sikhs to Gurbani and Keertan.

NOTE: Considered as loyal and efficient lawmen, with a firm commitment to their faith, the Kenya Colony saw in the Sikhs the perfect role models to set in the community and colony as police chiefs. After the appointment of the first Sikh policemen in the Kenya Colony in 1895, more and more Sikhs got attracted and encouraged to follow suit to serve the colony and country.


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