Seek what Guru Gobind Singh sought for your soul

Vaisakhi - Call of the Khalsa

The next time you are at the Gurudwara Sahib to commemorate Vaisakhi, don’t just wash the Nishaan Sahib with milk, wash the mind with Gurmat; don’t just drape afresh the Nishaan Sahib, drape the mind with wisdom of Gurbani; and don’t just marvel at the Panj Pyaare, seek their blessings that you too may become a marvel as a Khalsa – the true Sikh of Guru Nanak.

Do not turn Vaisakhi into another spectacle to get together to have a good time with friends and family, but turn your life around by committing yourself to the true living of a Gursikh, because otherwise if you allow the occasion to just come and go, so will the chance to fulfil your life as a true Sikh, as intentioned by the very spirit of Vaisakhi.

Guru Gobind himself, through example, sought the elixir of life – Khande-di-Pahul – from the Panj Pyaare (his very embodiment) so that he too may be formalised into a Singh. He lives only in the Khalsa and if we are to call ourselves his Sikh, and seek his approval as one, then it is pertinent that we live by his teachings to ‘Peevo Pahul Khande Dhaar Hoye Janam Sohela – Partake in the Amrit by the Khanda (and live by the ideals of Khalsa Rehat)’ and make your life worthy and complete.

Sketch Credit – Gagan Singh, New Delhi


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